Canovaccio #7 - The Magnifico's Birthday

Group A
In general:
  • Interesting, clear beginning – totally lost direction in the middle: actions were lost and there is a big hole in the action... Ideally, there would have to be much more cooperation among the troupe members and a clearer line of action. Good song, although rap is what it is and some more music with it would have enhanced the effect, I think.
  • John: you don’t necessarily need to walk like a crab all the time, nor are your arms blocked like a scarecrow
  • ). Pantalone does go forward, he is in fact rather agile despite his decrepit body. He gets more in line with his body when he tries to escape Pedrolino’s clutches. Mentions of JC should be substituted with classic deities, “By Zeus” or something similar. Taking the mask off and getting back to your body posture while the canovaccio is still running: should I make any comment on that?
  • Alexis: it’s good to explore other facets of the Lover, thus interesting interaction with Pantalone and refusal to touch his button, a distraction from your love worries.
  • Jordan: your Lover is a mix with a Capitano. Why is that? Also, it appears you did not rehearse much to have any role in the canovaccio. With your indubitable skills, I cannot figure out why.
  • Mike R: the drunken Capitano’s action behind Pantalone’s back is one of the few times when this makes full sense – we wouldn’t want the details... You should work more on the Capitano’s body posture and attitudes.
  • Mike M: appropriate balance between the two souls of Pedrolino, “fluid” with sudden bursts of rage for good reasons.
  • Ann: Memorable: “Is fixing a button something like eating food?”
  • Alex: you have a steadier, less mechanical body as Zanni, which is good. Also better variety of steps.
  • Adam: the Doctor’s feet (as Pantalone’s) should be closer. Good explanation step.
Group B
In general:
  • Finally a crescendo to the climax of the action: good job! Also, nice ensemble work. How could you have closed the canovaccio in a more pointed way?
  • Will: Your Pantalone works extremely well, his steps look like those of a dancer sometimes though...
  • Ilana (and Jeremy): the packages serve you well for your interactions with Pantalone. It’s not clear, at the beginning, whose father Pantalone is.
  • Jeremy: you begin well, then lose the Lover’s body... Nice bit when you play the guitar.
  • Samantha, Tori, Jane: the group of three Zanni is delightful, roasted pig and all.
  • Andrew: Capitano is convincing, with appropriate and varied steps, but once you stand, where’s your “monument,” “ready to be photographed” posture?
  • Erin: Funny “serious” Doctor! You could definitely enhance the “being full of yourself” part. Great toilet paper prop.