February 3, 2012 Posted by Stebos in Calls for Articles

Call for Articles: Theatre and Theatricality in Italian Literature and Visual Media

L’ANELLO che non tiene: Journal of Modern Italian Literature has asked me to be the guest editor for the upcoming special issue Theatre and Theatricality in Italian Literature and Visual Media (vol. 24, 2012). The title comes from a series of panels I organized at the Midwest Modern Language association in Chicago in November 2010.

Here is the full Call for Articles:

This special volume will explore the presence of theatre, theatricality, and theatrical themes, devices, or attitudes in Italian drama, literature, painting, and cinema.
If realism tries to neutralize the distance between reality and representation, theatricality signals and accentuates that distance in order to explore additional layers of meaning.
Keywords: actors and actresses, theatre troupes, masks and masquerades, artful deception, theatre within the theatre, theatre buildings, theatrical framing and composition.
In addition, any article concerning Italian theatre and drama will be considered.
300 words abstracts are due by 31 March 2012 and should be sent to Stefano Boselli (sboselli at gettysburg dot edu).
Articles of 15-25 double spaced pages, in English or Italian and in MLA Style should be submitted to Stefano Boselli (sboselli at gettysburg dot edu) and Ernesto Livorni (elivorni at wisc dot edu) by 30 June 2012.
For more specific style guidelines please consult the following page: http://frit.lss.wisc.edu/lanello/?q=node/8