Canovaccio #3 - Clash of the Titans

Group A
My comments:
  • In general: Why grande zanni step at the beginning? Just looking for a store, or it might be something else, for example invading the others’ territory?
  • Interesting use of the broomstick as horse and how the two groups interact: good! Pity that it’s not in the middle of the space downstage, but so far back upstage...
  • Good interaction, cheering, supporting, echoing, etc. from the whites, but what happens with the blacks? Initially they shout, but there is little physical movement... Mike M does interact more: good!
  • In the second part, after the “water break” everything gets better, more lively. Why not put in that very same energy from the beginning?
  • Great blacks starting the rhythm and music for the dance! We all wish it had continued throughout...
  • The stage combat in such low-ceiling room is problematic, I know... However, the point is to have a bigger preparation before you even go hit the other, whereas the blow in itself is less important.
  • Points 5-7 of the canovaccio (ironies, insults, and threats) are underdeveloped, that’s why you finish too early. Each of the points needs to have a beginning, development, and transition to the next phase.
  • Was the game an on-the-spot idea? And the dance? These are exactly the elements that could pop up in rehearsal...
  • You can’t really kill an imaginary dog, but you could have an imaginary bee (with similar results), since we could assume that the audience cannot see it from afar. The solution with the Zanni taking the place of the dog is even better, because it uses what you actually have at your disposal!
  • Adam: good work in keeping a steadier posture this time, but you need to invent and interact more
  • Will: Nice wordplay on “big deal” and long US-States-name. Great macho Capitano, but don’t forget he’s a coward!
  • Alexis: Yes, coming forward and supporting Capitano. Fantastic dance idea!
  • Alex: basic zanni stance works... try varying rhythms, including moments of calm. Good three-time step!
  • John: much better three-time step! Better interaction in general, and superb play with the dance!
  • Jordan: Interesting combat with Alexis, touting, etc. Nice attempt at playing billiards with the opposing Capitano's... ehm... "balls".
  • Mike R: Great Capitano! and memorable “Don’t get too physical!”. Obviously, slippers are NOT recommended for this type of work. “Time-out” serves nicely to segment the action: but the next action is still the same... what about a variation? (i.e. the next point in the canovaccio)
  • Mike M: Good interaction, you need to review steps and postures. Great dance play!
Group B
My comments:
  • In general: Interesting beginning with the same sound for the whole group. The military step is your "invention": we need to review the actual one, but at least you tried...
  • Tori’s group: Good amplification of your Capitana! (whereas Ann’s group is less responsive...)
  • Good group work for going to sleep, by contagion
  • Those stage combat moves need some rethinking: where is the preparation of each blow?
  • There is little clarity as to each point of the canovaccio: the Capitane seem to be doing all the work, but the Zanni could definitely interact, react, amplify, chime in, much more. Ex: the Capitane shout out that there’s a bee, but nobody hears or even pays attention for a long time!
  • Ann: Great Capitana: the long name, the energy, the speeches, the bravura, the hiding
  • Tory: Great “muscular” Capitana and dialogues, the bravura, etc.
  • Good interaction with the other side’s Capitana for both!
  • Erin: Interesting Zagna’s presentation, and skirmish in the background
  • Ilana: nice attempt at interaction with the opposite Zanni, and general “presence” on stage, including gestures (ex. “smell” part)
  • Jane: active, but perhaps could dare more? Exchanging food with other Zagna: good!, but again toned down: what about being chased for the food you have? You fall “dead” but why don’t you show us your face/mask? I don’t wanna see you on the ground for any other canovaccio
  • )
  • Samantha: does the Zagna not speak when introduced? Interesting witness to Capitane, but... no speech at all? Let us hear your voice please! The idea of eating is right: how could it be less passive? For example by constantly looking for food around?
  • Andrew: Ilana tried to interact with you... you didn’t need to do anything big, since the Capitana was speaking, but you could certainly have done more physically in terms of posture, gesture, etc. Same for the introduction: why are these Zanni so silent? Good idea, battling against the wall, but why would it be the back wall all the time?
  • Jeremy: good responsiveness, steps, etc., but could definitely dare more in terms of interaction!
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