Canovaccio #5 - The Panacea

Group A
In general:
  • balanced scenes (although a little too silent at times) with clarity of when things happen. The two planes of action, downstage and upstage, work well together without interference. However, we need more voice guys, this is commedia, not drawing room drama! Interesting dark room situation: very daring! Good. Also good idea of forming a crowd around the Doctor and corner him. The song is a little unsupported by what happens before...
  • John: Great know-it-all doctor! Careful not to weigh on your toes, but rather on the heels, and you do need to use/show your belly more, for instance to push the drugged Zanni away. Memorable: “The dog pee will chase the cat pee off you”. But you should speak in the breaks between characters, no? There’s an abyss of silence otherwise... You are a Doctor who does everything, so even the “green card” or the psychiatric problem is in your realm for you to fix.
  • Jordan: Capitano’s problem is very appropriate, but what about you beef it up and tell us the whole, incredible story? Your character is not very present in this performance.
  • Alex: the Zanni is not a robot... change rhythm of your movement. The “death” story is interesting: but what happened in reality? What is the Zagna believing and why? Explain! Or we’re going into a sad mood but this is comedy.
  • Mike R: Pantalone, apart from the strage initial voice, is very much in character.
  • Mike M: Loopy zanni, how else could he become funnily obnoxious?
  • )
  • Alexis: Great updating of Commedia, accent and all. Let’s keep using more languages please 🙂
  • Adam: Lovers have more urgency in general (obviously you cannot laugh during the performance...). What happens between you and Ann after the dark scene? I cannot see much connection.
  • Ann: Perfect state of mind for the Lover. Same question as for Adam after the dark.
Group B
In general:
  • I am not sure that chairs are a good idea if not absolutely necessary, as they detract from your freedom of movement. What about one or two Zanni as chairs? Also, you border many times on dangerous ground talking of actual serious illnesses: it could be funnier if the problems were less serious and/or odd. Memorable: Doctor “It’s going to change your racial orientation” Zanni “I want to be Hispanic”. Great song guys!
  • Ilana: good Capitano body/behavior. The fact that she trips is unsupported: what about having someone else make you fall? Good story/lie about falling during a battle!
  • Will: Forgetting the mask/posture is like playing in a different play... and that vibe lingers throughout the canovaccio. Why use a computer that closes/blocks your movements and what you can show us? For example, the family charts could be drawn on the “fourth wall” (although there isn’t any in commedia, of course) towards the audience. The plutonium idea, and the thinking step, would deserve some extension. The patronizing works very well for you as “all-knowing” Doctor!
  • Jeremy: good problem and attitude for Pantalone. Could Pantalone be more interactive?
  • Andrew: right energy for the Lover!
  • Jane: also right level of energy, a good direction to pursue for the future!
  • Erin, Samantha, and Tori: Good idea to have all Zagne enter as a group and then line up to talk. Could you have played more on that? Great energy for all!.
  • Tori: Very good use of the mask towards the audience.
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