Canovaccio #8 - Love Intrigue

Group A
Wow guys, I was watching the video and I can only say: great job! Clear exposition, dialogue understandable at all times with no overlaps, duets and group scenes in a balanced flow, characters well put together at (nearly) all times for movement and behavior. All could be improved with further work, of course, but for such short rehearsal time this really looks like a Commedia troupe: congrats! I’ll say nothing more, as this is one case when saying less is a good sign.
Group B
In general:
  • Guys, you need to sense where the audience is: all that stuff far away, oh boy!!!
  • John: Great “bro” Capitano! Props need to be real, so you need a real letter.
  • Jordan: you proved that one can flaunt being Jewish in commedia, with all cultural references, and be a LOT of fun.
  • Ilana: great Signora!
  • Alex: you’re a funny Lover, although you’re commenting on yourself all the time... And, the energy that moves your arms comes from the heart, you can’t really move them “poetically and tragically” otherwise. Also, please no direct religious references: priests don’t belong to Commedia.
  • Adam: nice choice for Pedrolino, a low-life dealer of some sort. But what steps are those?
  • Alexis: Funny lines interspersed here and there. Same as above for steps: we need a review.
  • Both of you Zanni work well together, with Alexis learning new vocab along the way.
  • Mikes: not sure of your role in this canovaccio guys...
  • Mike M: I see no desperation for not being able to marry Isabella, nor am I sure the upper body works as a Lover.
  • Finale with little crescendo, between quotes as it were.