Commedia! - A semester's journey

This blog chronicles a whole semester of my Commedia! course taught at Gettysburg College in the Fall of 2011. The course is based on the teachings of maestro Antonio Fava, with whom I studied at his international school in Reggio Emila, Italy.
Compared to the full-time experience afforded by Fava's school during an intense month of physical training, a first year seminar consists of just two weekly classes of 75 minutes for 14 weeks. Despite this limitation and the little time available for two groups of 8 students to rehearse outside of class, the results are often impressive.
You can read some comments I received from the students who attended this course by clicking here.
If you have time for just a couple of clips, you could watch at least:
1. An example of a full canovaccio
2. An example of a solo performance, otherwise known as "commedia gabrielliana"
However, if you have the time, you can start at the bottom of these posts with the very first class, and then follow the groups' progression as they learn new characters and skills, including some stage combat and musical pieces. Below each video, you can read some of my comments, which are intended as further coeaching outside of class.