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September 28, 20164 years ago

Director: Whereas Puppies Are Adorable by Tom Reed

We premiere tomorrow Whereas Puppies Are Adorable by Tom Reed, a scathing critique of the current over-conflicted Congressional atmosphere, within the Raucous Caucus political theatre festival organized by Box Wine Theatre. The show runs until Sunday. For details, see this link to the Facebook event. On stage an ensemble of energetic "political animals" embodied by (in alphabetical order) Charlotte Grady, Mahmoud Hakima, Anthony Paglia, Maya Schnaider, and Dennis Zavolock.
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June 23, 20164 years ago

Director: Fru Mary

In my second collaboration with Chilean NYC-based company LaMicro Theater, I'm directing Berioska Ipinza's Fru Mary, an exploration of how two siblings use their imagination to cope with being abandoned by their mother. Read more
January 14, 20156 years ago

Winners' Lap: Tics, or Doing the Deed Returns!

All day tech rehearsal for the Cutthroat series Winners' Lap at The Flea Theater. If you want to see la crème de la crème of the fall season, you can catch the four most acclaimed plays in one single evening! Tickets available here. Read more
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November 1, 20146 years ago

Reading - Parkour (o un manual para correr en linea recta) by Eduardo Pavez Goye

On November 20 at 8:30 pm I'll direct a staged reading of Parkour (o un manual para correr en línea recta) by Chilean playwright Eduardo Pavez Goye. The reading is produced by La Micro Theater and the first play I direct in Spanish. For more info, click here.
October 7, 20146 years ago

Winner of the first Cutthroat Duel at The Flea

With 51% of the votes – more than the other two plays combined – Tics or Doing the Deed has aced the first cutthroat duel at The Flea and will be returning for an extended three weeks run in January! It will be a great opportunity to implement all those details we really wanted to see when rehearsal time ran out. Stay tuned!
September 26, 20146 years ago

Director: Tics, or Doing the Deed by René Berton

On September 29 we officially open with Tics, or Doing the Deed by René Berton, a French Grand-Guignol play, as part of the "Gore" trio of the Cutthroat Series at The Flea Theater. Tickets are still available! Come see the show and vote for us!
July 17, 20146 years ago

Director: The Cutthroat Series at The Flea

The Flea is producing a series of Grand Guignol plays in the fall and I will direct Tics, or Doing the Deed by René Berton, a grotesque and sexy farce that stages marital revenge: "an eye for an eye, a hump for a hump." The show, which will include two other short pieces in the same genre, will run from September 23 to October 5. Auditions are next week and I look forward to announcing the full cast by the end of July!
July 17, 20146 years ago

Staged Reading: The Palace by Graham Parkes at NYU Tisch

On April 26 I directed a staged reading of Graham Parkes' The Palace, an incredibly accomplished young playwright graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Four Bats from the Flea Theater made this event memorable and gave life to the words on the page.