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Plays Portfolio 4 - Contemporary


Alexis by Marguerite Yourcenar

S. Giovanni Bosco Theatre. Modena, and San Martino Theatre. Bologna, Italy
By special arrangement with the Yourcenar Estate, I presented thhis monologue within the context of “La manica tagliata” (The Cut Sleeve) an LGBT festival, with Francesco Stella as the protagonist. Since the piece is particularly long, it offered a challenging field for experimentation in the areas of dramaturgy, storytelling, and composition.

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Miracles by Alessandro Rossi

Alfredo Chiesa Theatre, Milan, Italy
A contemporary script satirizing the dangerous overlapping in the Italian system of media and politics, both under the influence of prime minister Berlusconi, here called "The Man Who Smiles." The cool part was that since each of the components of the company “Movimenti Maldestri” was working in the same fashion magazine (Vogue Italia), we received both costumes by Moschino and coverage on the national magazine Panorama.

Panorama Year XXIV, issue 40, page 301


The Wisteria by Serge Rezvani

School of Dramatic Art "Paolo Grassi", Milan, Italy

Villa Casalini, Rovigo, Italy
A play by a visionary Iranian/French contemporary author. I staged staged it first in a circus setting, then in an actual Italian villa, where the fictional action takes place. The two versions tackled the challenge of how to show beauty onstage in two different ways: the first through imagination and transposition, the second by referring to the real thing.

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