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Translations for and about the Theatre

Over time I have become a specialist in translation for the stage. I started with my MA thesis Problems in the Translation of Playtexts: George Bernard Shaw’s Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant. (Milan: Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, 1994), taught Translation for the Stage at the University of Cassino, Italy to a large audience of 200+ students and translated several plays for my own productions. Some of my recent articles also approach the field from both a descriptive and a more theoretical perspective.
If you are thinking of producing a new translation of a play from Italian into English, I would be delighted to talk with you about how your project can take a more concrete, both accurate and effective form.
  1. The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov. Theaterlab, New York City, 2014.

  2. The Liar (Il bugiardo) by Carlo Goldoni. Kline Theatre, Gettysburg PA, 2009. Also forthcoming (Mellen Press).

  3. The Post Inn (L'osteria della posta) by Carlo Goldoni. In collaboration with Jack Street. Forthcoming (Mellen Press).

  4. Joseph Farrell, “Servitore di molti padroni” (“Servant of Many Masters”), Testo a fronte 28, June 2003, 173-88.

  5. La dama delle camelie (from La dame aux camélias) by A. Dumas fils. Teatro del Tempo, Parma, Italy, 2001.

  6. I due gentiluomini di Verona (from The Two Gentlemen of Verona by W. Shakespeare). Teatro del Tempo, Parma, Italy, 2000.

  7. Il merc@nte (from The Merchant of Venice by W. Shakespeare). Teatro del Battito, Milano, Italy, 2000.

  8. Màcbèth (from Macbeth by W. Shakespeare), Teatro Franco Parenti, Milano, Italy, 1998.

  9. The Tragedy of Noble Antony (from Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra by W. Shakespeare). School of Dramatic Art “Paolo Grassi”, Milano, Italy, 1997.

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