Solo Performances - Commedia Gabrielliana

Each student was asked to perform a solo piece in the style of Commedia Gabrielliana. The name refers to Giovanni Gabrielli, a 17th century actor and company manager who - thanks to his talent - could perform all parts in a single play. Here, students play Pantalone, the old man who, because of his age, went through all phases of life represented by other fixed types, from the Zanni to the Lover to the Capitano. Thus, his physical stance, steps, and behaviors somehow summarize all the others, depending on the situation he is faced with. Of course, his body is older and therefore limited, but his energy is still vibrant and active.
Here are some of the best performances:
A hilarious Jewish Pantalone (7.5 minutes)
An accurate and fluid solo by a female Pantalona (5 min).
A modern Pantalone in a nursing home reminisces about his past, including a battle in Vietnam (7 mins).